Get to know
Arabella Havanese!

Here at Arabella Havanese, we understand that to make beautiful, and exceptional puppies, you must start with quality parents. Your puppy is only as good as their lineage. We believe breeders have an obligation to continue to improve on the breed and to breed to the highest standards. Our puppies come from prestigious pedigree lines such as Honor Havanese, Noblegold, Los Perritos, Almendares and others. Our dogs are either champions or champion sired.

We raise our puppies in our home where they are provided daily love, attention, and lots of socialization. We do not kennel our dogs. For this reason we keep our numbers small to ensure our babies always get personalized attention. All of our dogs are health tested to ensure healthy adults.

Meet My Family

Hello, my name is Tracy, and I have been raising Havanese for over 12 yrs. I was introduced to this wonderful breed from a good friend. I fell in love with this bouncy ball of fur and knew I had to have one. So I got three. You know, you just can’t have just one. That was over 12 years ago.
This is my family. I have 6 wonderful adult children and 4 beautiful grandchildren. I am truly blessed. We live in the mountains of Tennessee on a small hobby farm. I work part time in the medical field. Dogs have been my passion all my life.

Havanese Characteristics

Havanese always seem to have a smile on their face and enjoy life everywhere they go. Havanese are a non shedding breed and hypoallergenic. They have a long coat that is silky and soft. They weight from 8-13 lbs and are from 8.5 to 11.5 in tall. Average wt is 10 lbs. They come in all colors and patterns.

Their small sturdy bodies, adaptable nature, and social skills make Havanese an ideal family dog and are well adapted to live in apartments, neighborhoods, or the country. Havanese can go out on a boat, camping or hiking in the woods, or just lay around the house. They are content to be anywhere their people are. Havanese are intelligent, trainable little dogs that love to show off for whoever will watch them.